FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based? Above Barbican Tube in zone 1, which is 2 stops from Kings Cross, and a 5 minute walk from St. Paul’s, or Moorgate EC2Y 8DN.

Are you qualified? Yes, awarded 2 ITEC diplomas in Sports and Swedish body massage and covered by insurance. 

What oil do you use? You have a choice, but most often I use Almond Oil, which is known as a base oil since it has no scent, is not sticky and absorbs easily in to the skin.

What should I wear? You can arrive wearing what you like. During the massage and immediately before you will be draped (covered) by a towel at all times.

What music can I have? Relaxing massage music is played during your treatment - a stereo system is set up with an input jack meaning you can bring your favourite (relaxing!) tunes on your phone or iPod to enjoy as you relax!

What type of massage should I choose? When you arrive the full range of options will be presented to you, we will discuss your needs and ascertain if you have any contraindications (injuries or reasons for avoiding massaging certain areas)

Do you offer deals / discounts for regular clients? Yes, this depends on how regular you intend to be and the length of your session.

What's your studio like? The room is well heated, equipped with professional standard massage table, high quality warm oils, and fresh towels. You're welcome to shower before and after your treatment.